Edinburgh’s OERs

Innovating with Open Knowledge

Icons of laptop, microscope, and magnifying glass over a dog.

Innovating with Open Knowledge is a series of resources and case studies on finding and accessing free content, data and research produced by the university sector.

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Lorna Campbell – Open SlideShare

Shoreline with beach, sea, and mountains in the distance

Lorna uploads and openly licenses her presentations so that anyone can view, download, and use her openly licensed presentations from SlideShare.

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23 Things for Digital Knowledge

23 Things for Digital Knowledge is an award winning, open, and self-paced course for digital and online skills.

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Avatar Illustrations by Interactive Content

Four illustrations, the first of a white skinned woman with short blonde/white hair and dark glasses, the second of a mid-20s dark skinned woman with long black hair sitting on a chair, the third is a close-up of the second image, the fourth is a tanned woman with short brunette hair.

This set of 78 avatar illustrations were created by the Interactive Content team and the University of Edinburgh for Chest […]

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Wikipedia Training lessons

Hands are cupping a mini wikipedia globe made from wet sand

Our Wikimedian-in-Residence, shares detailed lesson plans & presentations to assist anyone in becoming a Wikipedia trainer.

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FoCL Board Game Jam: The Expansion 

Pens, dice, cards, marker pens all strewn across a table top

Taking Board Game Jam design skills to the next level. Building on previous jams, in this day long workshop students […]

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Open Ed & Co-Creation

Guest lecture by Lorna Campbell on Open Education & Co-Creation for the IAD’s Introduction to Online Distance Learning staff development course.

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OER16 Keynote Presentations

CC BY-SA 2.0

Videos of the five keynote presentations given at the 7th Open Educational Resources Conference, OER16: Open Culture, held on the […]

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3D Gandharan Sculptures

Screenshot of Gandarahan sculptures on Sketchfab

Three 3D models of Gandharan sculptures have been created from the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections (CRC), and […]

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