Edinburgh’s OERs

Public speaking with an Interpreter

Video and transcript guide on public speaking with an interpreter created by Rev. Clement Wen, PhD candidate and Tutor at […]

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Independent Research Guide

Pile of books with slips of paper inside the pages.

This guide to independent research is intended to help students and scholars who lack institutional support, or anyone who might […]

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What is IBD in Pets?

Hospital for Small Animals: What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)?

In this CC BY licensed video, Dr. Silke Salavati, who is a senior lecturer and specialist in Small Animal Internal […]

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Small Animal Handling Videos

Alsatian dog sitting comfortably on the ground.

An excellent series of high quality animal handling videos. Created by Brian Mather and teaching staff at the Royal (Dick) […]

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Stats for Medics

three women sitting around a table looking at graph charts and laptops

Dr Margaret MacDougall, Medical Statistician and Researcher in Education at the University of Edinburgh, created StatsforMedics as a resource for […]

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To Bee or not to Bee

‘To Bee or not to Bee’ is a series of workshops focused on the important contribution that bees make to […]

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The Story of the Woolly Mammoth

‘The Story of the Woolly Mammoth’ is a resource pack consisting of three lessons, set out over three detailed presentations […]

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Psychology Research Methods

Often overlooked as the less interesting side of studying Psychology, research methods take centre stage in this set of engaging […]

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The Making of the US President

These excerpts from ‘The Making of the US President’ are a great resource for all those interested in getting a […]

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