Edinburgh’s OERs

Virtual Reality – A Future Toolkit for Teachers?

Created by Rosie van den Berg as part of the Digital Futures course for the MSc in Digital Education, this […]

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Radical Digital Literacy OER

Created by Ruth Weeks as part of the Digital Futures course for the MSc in Digital Education, this resource encourages […]

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Digital Futures Learning Resource

Digital Futures for Learning resource and OERs gives you the opportunity to consider the trajectory and implications of digital technologies […]

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Stories from Hindu Traditions

Detail of miniature from scroll relating the Mahabharata. Shows Krishna, armed with a bow and arrow, riding a chariot, aiming at another chariot which is following it.

Stories from Hindu Traditions is a resource for use by school teachers that has been developed as part of Dr […]

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The Origins of the Scots Language (In Scots)

A fantastic video introduction to the tongues, peoples and events that shaped the earliest history of the Scots language with […]

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Shift/Work, created by Neil Mulholland & Dan Brown of the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, is a series of performative paragogy workshops. The workshops use […]

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Innovating with Open Knowledge

Icons of laptop, microscope, and magnifying glass over a dog.

Innovating with Open Knowledge is a series of resources and case studies on finding and accessing free content, data and research produced by the university sector.

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Lorna Campbell – Open SlideShare

Shoreline with beach, sea, and mountains in the distance

Lorna uploads and openly licenses her presentations so that anyone can view, download, and use her openly licensed presentations from SlideShare.

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Edinburgh DataShare

Edinburgh DataShare is a digital repository of research data produced at the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh University researchers who have […]

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