Edinburgh’s OERs


Cartoon of a Dendritic cell

Supercytes is a card game and resource pack (with animated cartoons) about having fun with Biology and encouraging an early […]

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Peter Higgs – Orkney 2017

Peter Higgs seated opposite Dennis Canavan

Video footage of Peter Higgs in conversation with Dennis Canavan at the Orkney International Science Festival 2017. Peter Higgs discusses […]

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23 Things for Digital Knowledge

23 Things for Digital Knowledge is an award winning, open, and self-paced course for digital and online skills.

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Introduction to the Brain

Black and white photo of a shelf with three plastic brains.

Introduction to the Brain has been created by final year Psychology students including an introductory information pack for high school […]

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Prejudice Reduction Strategies

A black woman, asian man, white redhead woman, black man, and asian woman sitting against a grey brick wall

Teaching resource to identify stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, & how to recognise and respond in a constructive way.

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Near Future Teaching – Videos

Brightly coloured blocks spelling out "Near Future Teaching"

A collection of videos featuring students and staff talking about what changes they predict, or would like to see, in […]

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Meteorological Visibility Observations: A User’s Guide

Woman standing on a stone at the top of Blackford Hill

This Meteorological Observation GuideĀ has been written as part of a NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) Research Experience Placement carried out […]

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Learn Averages with Pokemon Posters

A set of Pokemon icons on an orange bar graph from lowest to highest hit points.

A set of three posters aimed at Primary School learners that lay out different techniques for finding averages, using the […]

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Thinking Detectives Game: The Alps and Climate Change

Four aerial tramway cars going up the side of a slightly snow covered mountain.

A board game created by educators and climate scientists at the University of Edinburgh. While playing learners develop their HOTS […]

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