Psychology Research Methods

Often overlooked as the less interesting side of studying Psychology, research methods take centre stage in this set of engaging lesson plans.

Incorporating into the Scottish National 5 Psychology curriculum, these lesson plans contain several practical activities and experiments. Students complete research methods worksheets alongside each experiment, encouraging them to consider how research is planned, recorded, and conducted.

Activities included:

  • Does cereal have an effect on awareness?
  • Do boys or girls perform better in a memory task?
  • How important is sense of smell for tasting things?

Created by Jessica Morton as part of the School of Geosciences’ Outreach Programme, which allows students in their final year to work in partnership with a local school to develop a set of lesson plans.

The resource is provided on a CC BY 4.0 licence and has been uploaded to TES Connect which hosts a range of lesson materials for early years, primary, secondary, and special needs teaching.

This resource is available for full download on TES Connect.


Header image: ‘Workplace’, by Lukas Blazek. Subject to ShutterStock licensing