Run your own Board Game Jam

Pen, cards, and board game jam template

Lead a group through the creating, licensing, and sharing of a board game as an Open Educational Resource (OER) with this hands-on workshop in multiple formats, created by Stephanie (Charlie) Farley and Gavin Willshaw of Information Services.

Originally created for the University’s Innovative Learning Week in 2016, Board Game Jam has been re-purposed and presented as a one day, half-day, and one hour(!) workshop.

The workshop guides groups through all the steps to create their own board game. It explores prototyping and play-testing and how to add variety and fun by employing different game mechanics.

Games in our workshops are created using digitised images from the University of Edinburgh Library, but images can be sourced elsewhere on the web.

Our workshop covers:

  • the differences between copyright and licensing,
  • how to identify licensed material that is free for re-use,
  • how to licence your own work.


The following documents have been openly licensed and are available to be used to create your own Jam. The beauty of an OER is that you can adapt and modify the format and purpose of a Jam to suit the needs of your own session.


Board Game Jam documents


Game theme setting and mechanics (PDF)

Board Game Jam Rules Template (PDF)

Board Game Jam – Half-Day Workshop Outline (PDF)

Board Game Jam – 1hr Workshop Outline (PDF)

Board Game Jam – 1hr Workshop (PPT)

Example postcard with CC and BY information (PDF)



Games by Students  – ILW 2016


Board Game Jam – ILW 2016


Games by Staff and Students – 2016


Board Game Jam – Staff and Student sessions



Games by Design Informatics students 2016


Board Game Jam – Design Informatics



Board Game Expansion, Festival of Creative Learning 2017


Festival of Creative Learning Board Game Jam: The Expansion 



Image: Assorted die, counters, and markers. Photograph by Gavin Willshaw. Creative Commons Attribution licence 4.0