100,000 downloads of award-winning OERs from TES Resources

Picture of hands reaching out for clouds in the shape of 100K

As part of our mission and vision to share the knowledge we discover with our graduates, and make the world a better place, the University of Edinburgh supports our staff and students to create open digital resources to benefit teachers and learners both locally and globally.  We’re proud to announce that our award-winning collection of open educational resources for school teachers on TES Resources, has now been downloaded over 100,000 times. This collection grows each year thanks to the work done by GeoScience Outreach students in collaboration with GeoScience colleagues, Open Content Curation student interns, and supported by the OER Service.

Learning materials are aimed at primary and secondary school level, covering topics as diverse as climate change, environmental science, food production, sustainable fashion, biodiversity, LGBTQ+ issues, sustainability, and outdoor learning. These fun and creative resources are free and open licensed and designed to be easily customisable for different learning scenarios. All resources are accompanied by Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) levels and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence learning objectives and outcomes, which make them easily discoverable and usable by teachers.

Our open resources aren’t just being used by teachers in Scotland though, over the last quarter they’ve been downloaded by teachers and learners from as far afield as Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya, Oman, India, Philippines, Japan, and New Zealand.

Map of OER downloads from TES Resources

You can download these free resources from the Open.Ed “shop” on TES Resources, or visit the Teaching Matters blog to find out more about GeoScience Outreach –  Geoscience Outreach: What we do, how we assess, and client/student reflections.


Screen captures of OERs on TES Resources

Featured image: 100k -Android world by Beatriz Soares Alves, CC BY-SA 4.0, on Wikimedia Commons.