23 Things for Digital Knowledge

23 Things for Digital Knowledge is an award winning, open, and self-paced course for digital and online skills.

Every day we hear about some new digital app, tool, or thing we should be learning about or using, but when do we set aside time to actually experiment and try out all of these things?

Launched for its first run in 2016, and winner of the 2017 LILAC Credo Digital Literacy Award, 23 Things for Digital Knowledge provides a structured way for  staff and students to set aside that time to build up skills and experiment with new digital tools.

Inspired by 23 Things Oxford and based on the original 23 Things program (Charlotte & Mecklenburg Public Library, 2006), the course uses the established structure of twenty-three Things, with each Thing being a subject or tool.  An introduction and a task is provided for each Thing along with suggested readings and resources. How much time and detail is set aside for each Thing is completely optional.

Participants are asked to register a blog (as part of Thing 2), and to share short blog posts about each of the 23 Things they complete. Although optional, blogging provides a space to test out and experiment with many of the Things. It creates a space for interaction with other participants, the opportunity to offer support and advice, and to reflect on what it is that has been learned.

The blog is also used to submit completion of the Things to be eligible for an Open Badge, and could be used as evidence for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) either for work appraisals or towards external accreditation, for example CMALT.

The course content is openly licensed and encouraged for re-mix and re-use. We were super pleased to see the course re-mixed by the Scottish Social Services Council for their own 23 Things course.

Additionally, all of the site tile images were taken by our Interactive Content team and are openly licensed and available on the IC Flickr account.

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Image: 23 Things Laptop, by Interactive Content (Flickr), CC BY 2.0