A Comprehensive Guide to Fellowship Applications

Application written in blue on a white notepad.

A Comprehensive Guide to Fellowship Applications is written for those who are seeking fellowship opportunities at the University of Edinburgh as well as researchers at Edinburgh who are seeking out national and international opportunities. It is aimed at researchers new to fellowship applications and those who wish to refine their skills. 

It helps you to understand different types of fellowships, provides you with guiding questions for self-reflection to assist you in identifying what type of fellowship might be most suitable for you at your career stage, and guides you through the essentials of a compelling narrative for your application. In addition to practical top tips, the guide promotes the benefits of fellowship application writing (even if unsuccessful) and directs you to further resources. 

This guide was created by Dr Anna Pilz, Academic Developer and Trainer at the Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh, based on her experience of writing successful applications for visiting fellowships and postdoctoral funding schemes, and her IAD workshops on ‘Developing a Funding Profile’ and ‘Writing your First Fellowship Application’. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Fellowship Applications is licensed CC BY 4.0, Anna Pilz, University of Edinburgh, 2023.

Header image cropped from Application by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free