Agile Course Design for Professional Education

Two green chameleons on branches against a brown background.
This open licensed workbook on Agile Course Design for Professional Education was developed by Tim Fawns, with input from Derek Jones and Gill Aitken, of Edinburgh Medical School, as well as external contributors Lina Markauskaite, Lucila Carvalho, Peter Goodyear and David Nicol, as part of an online course to help lecturers in healthcare education design their own online/hybrid courses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This course was designed to avoid entrenched assumptions about what courses should look like, how teachers should teach, or how students should go about their learning. The workbook will encourage you to deconstruct and adapt your course designs, with the help of your peers, while thinking about the probable needs and circumstances of your current and future students.

You can find out more about this innovative approach to course design on the Edinburgh Hybrid Teaching Exchange and download the work book here: Agile Course Design Workbook – OER (.doc)

Header image: Chameleons by Francois, CC BY NC 2.0.