Aligning OER with the CfE learning outcomes and SCQF levels

In addition to being creative copyright and licensing clearing powerhouses, our two Open Content interns Ana McKellar and Andrew Ferguson have been working with our Geoscience teaching expert Kay Douglas to align our primary and secondary level open educational resources with the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) learning outcomes and Scottish Qualifications Framework (SCQF) learner levels in order to make the resources easier for teachers to identify as being relevant and useful for their classes.

One of our OERs now CfE aligned with specific learning outcomes.

The descriptions have been re-written to provide a clear overview of the educational content contained within the materials.

Each open educational resource has been aligned with CfE learning outcomes and identified as being at Primary or Secondary education level.

The resources are tagged and searchable here on Open.Ed by education and SCQF level. If you look at our categories list on the right of this page you can see we now have a top level category for Primary and Secondary OERs, with individual category tags for each SCQF level.


This will allow easier sharing of our resources directly to the Scottish schools by Kay when she sends out an overview of what the Geoscience Outreach students have been creating each year.


The resources themselves also now include clear descriptions of the CfE specific learning outcomes that are covered by each OER.

Ana and Andrew have also created fabulous new header and icon images for each resource tailored for both the Open.Ed and TES image requirements.

We think our resources are looking pretty fab and are incredibly proud of the hard work by both of our interns this summer.

Downloads and views of the resources are already adding up and we’re looking forward to feedback from teachers on our new approach towards sharing educational resources.

Open.Ed OERs on TES