Anatomia del Cavallo [Anatomy of the Horse]

wood carving anatomical carving of a prancing horse

This is a collection of open licensed digitised pages of Carlo Ruini’s, Anatomia del Cavallo [Anatomy of the Horse], published Venetia: Fioravante Prati, 1618. First published in 1598 under title: Dell’anotomia, e dell’infermita del cavallo. Version 2 has 64 exquisite woodcuts of horse anatomy.This copy of his splendidly-illustrated work was formerly in the Veterinary Library.

Edinburgh was a centre for veterinary studies, particularly farriery, from the early 19th century, and this has resulted in outstanding collections of books and manuscripts. Ruini (1530-1598) was a pioneering anatomist who applied to the horse the kind of rigorous approach that had been applied to human anatomy by the likes of Andreas Vesalius.

These open licensed digitised pages of this rare book on horse anatomy are one of a series of iconic items selected by our Centre for Research Collections staff as the most beautiful, important and unique treasures in the University’s collections.

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CC BY LogoThe digitisation of this book was created by The University of Edinburgh Library staff and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.


Header Image: Anatomia del Cavallo, p.243, ©The University of Edinburgh Library, CC BY 3.0