Archiving your research data

Two tutorial videos presented by Pauline Ward and Sara Thompson 7 April 2022 as part of Research Data Service training on how to manage and archive research data.

Part 1: Long-term Preservation – The Test of Time

1. What is Archiving?
2. Why Archive Research Data for the Long-term?
3. Archival Appraisal – What to Keep?
4. Risks to Long-term Access to Your Data
5. OAIS – Reference Model for Digital Preservation
6. Steps to Digitally Preserve your Research Data


Part 2: Practical data archiving using the services at the University of Edinburgh

* Data sharing
* UoE Research Data Management policy 2022
* Trustworthy repositories
* Archiving open data on Edinburgh DataShare
* Making sensitive data shareable
* Start a DataShare submission
* Support available from the university
* Archiving sensitive data

* Archiving larger files or sensitive data – Edinburgh DataVault


Research data videos

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