Code Storytelling – Learn Programming as a Storytelling Exercise

rough picture of a yellow rubber duck and the words Talk to me

Dr Pawel Orzechowski, lecturer in Programming for Business at The University for Edinburgh, designed this course as a complete-beginners experience of learning how to program. Learn how to talk to the computer so that it understands you, and also how to work with other programmers.

The course is designed as a ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach which means that learners watch the videos, and complete simple exercises by themselves first – and only then meet with peers to solve some harder puzzles together.

Programming is a way of collaborating with computers to solve tasks together, by leveraging their strengths and avoiding their shortcomings.

In this course learn how to teach computer to: remember things (variables); make simple decisions (conditions); assert things work correctly (testing); reuse the same solution in different scenarios (functions); repeat something many times (loops); work with online sources of data (APIs).

The course also uses digital badges (learning achievements) that build on top of each other, embedding and developing skills as you progress.

In the video below Pawel explains the principles of the course:

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Header Image: © 2022 Pawel Orzechowski of University of Edinburgh Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)