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ConveRACEions is a project set up by PhD students in the School of Health in Social Science at The University of Edinburgh. In collaboration with Rosie Stenhouse, Equality and Diversity Coordinator, this initiative aims to discuss and dismantle barriers to racial equality, as well as ways of moving forward.

Two of the ConveRacion’s recorded discussions have been made available on open licences. Further events are scheduled for the 21/22 academic year.

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ConveRacions with rashné limki, Mini Chandran Kurian, Amira Rahmat & Mally Smith: “Decolonising the Curriculum”

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ConveRACEions with Barbara Becnel: “Speaking out about race, insurrection and the police: Will you listen now?”


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ConveRACEions with Dr Ashlee Christoffersen: Applying intersectionality in research, policy and practice

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ConveRACEions with Dr Ibtihal Ramadan: Epistemic Racism in UK Academia in the Age of Islamophobia: The Voices of Muslim Academics


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