Open & Lecture Recording

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A collection of resources on Copyright and Open Licensing for Lecture Recording developed by the Open.Ed service.  These resources were developed as part of the University of Edinburgh’s Lecture Recording implementation initiative.

Lecture Recording – Licensing, media use and Open Educational Resources

Presentation created for the ‘Lecture Recording – Licensing, media use and Open Educational Resources’ digital skills course.

OER and Lectures

This short guide looks at what Open Education Resources (OERs) are, where to find them, and how to use them correctly as part of a lecture.

Content Preparation

This short guide looks at how to make your presentations accessible, and also provides links to useful resources and services within the University and online to help you with this process.

Don’t panic! Content and copyright for lecture recording

Blog post for Teaching Matters mini series on Lecture Recording. Can I use copyright materials in my lectures? What about film clips? What if my lecture is recorded? How can I make sure I won’t get into trouble? Lorna Campbell and Charlie Farley, from the Educational Design and Engagement team in Learning, Teaching and Web Services, offer some answers to these frequently-posed questions…


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