Discrete Mathematics and Probability

Young person holding chalk in front of a board covered in math

Video lectures from the ‘Discrete Mathematics and Probability’ course by Ian Stark, Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics have been made openly available on a CC BY licence for anyone to use, re-use, and share. The lectures are suitable for second-year undergraduate students (SCQF level 8). The course covers essential mathematical topics that underlie many areas of computer science.


Week 9

Video topics cover: Continuous Random Variables; Numerical Properties of Continuous Distributions; The Normal Distribution; The Exponential Distribution.

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Week 10

Video topics cover: Transforming Random Variables; Jointly Distributed Random Variables; Expected Values, Covariance, and Correlation; Properties of Linear Combinations.

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Week 11

Video topics cover: Conditional Distributions; The Central Limit Theorem.

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Header Image: Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels