Edinburgh’s OERs

M&M Podcasts

Based on ongoing discussions and projects exploring new technology adoption in education, Michael Gallagher, Lecturer in Digital Education at the┬áCentre […]

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Mental Health: A Global Priority – Podcast

Course banner reads: research into action - better health for all - learning - networks for communities of practice

These podcasts were created for an introductory course providing an overview of the importance of mental health, and present evidence […]

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The Tartan Tardigrade Podcast

Illustration of a tardigrade wearing a scottish hat

The UK Centre for Astrobiology (UKCA) produces podcast called the Tartan Tardigrade, talking to guests from around the world about […]

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Thesis Hub

Thesis hub: producing your thesis in Word with style

Nine videos from the Thesis Hub self-enrol Learn course on producing a thesis using Word run by the Digital Skills […]

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Readings of ‘The Cantos of Ezra Pound’

Readings of the Cantos of Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound’s monumental poem The Cantos is the longest and most sustained literary effort made by a poet of the […]

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Ethnography podcast & short films

Selection of well presented breakfast foods.

The Advanced Ethnography Berlin field class is a research elective in Geography Degree Programme at the University of Edinburgh that […]

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Introductory Applied Machine Learning

Cartoon image of laptop screen of a blue brain

Video tutorials for Introductory Applied Machine Learning.

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Open Assessment Practices

Open Sign

A wide range of open assessment practices have been adopted by schools and colleges across the University, enabling students to […]

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Critical Thinking in Global Challenges

Free thinking

These videos formed part of a course run by Professor Mayank Dutia and Dr Celine Caquineau from the School of […]

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