Edinburgh’s OERs

Introduction to Patient-Centred Care

This resource is for healthcare professionals working in clinical practice. it is intended to introduce a patient (person) centred approach […]

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Introduction to Classical Japanese Orthography

This SlideShare presentation was created  as a basic introduction to Classical Japanese Orthography for students of Japanese with an interest […]

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Stem cells & regenerative medicine

This SlideShare presentation was developed by Martha Lopez Yrigoyen and is intended as a flexible tool for lectures and tutorials for first year students in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences. Diagrams are also encouraged to be used by scientists, science communicators and educators.

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DIY Film School

The DIY Film School offers training and advice on using equipment designed for mobile filmmaking and have created an openly licensed downloadable booklet for anyone interested in improving their film skills using smart devices.

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Pebble Pad and ATLAS Help Videos


These videos, created by Robert Chmielewski, Information Services, and Nelly Iacobescu, Moray House School of Education, outline each stage of the workflow process for managing double blind complex marking using PebblePad and ATLAS, from the perspective of three main groups of users:[…]

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Volcano, Continents, and Oceans

Mini-resource of 2 sessions (or one afternoon) on the Properties and uses of substances, Earth’s Materials, People Place & Environment. Session 1 uses songs to name and locate the continents, oceans and Pacific Ring of Fire. Session 2 […]

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Kind Clothing: Sustainable Fashion

Washing hanging on a clothes line.

Three interactive sessions on concepts of Fast Fashion, the environment & sustainability. Created for Girl Guides, also suitable for Level 2 and 3.

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Graph Theory: Puzzles and Games

Worksheets of games & puzzles based on simple concepts in graph theory. Includes: the seven bridges of Konigsberg, the Shannon Switching game, & graph vertex colouring.

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Plastic in the Ocean

Four lessons cover what plastic is, why it is bad for the environment and what can be done to address this environmental problem.

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