Edinburgh’s OERs

Hortus Sanitatis: Latin natural history encyclopaedia

Woodcut illustrations of what appear to be deer and a faun

This is a digitisation of a 1497 publication of the Hortus Sanitatis, a Latin natural history encyclopaedia in the Centre […]

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Edinburgh Student’s Stock Videos

Students scanning their cards and walking into the library

In 2019 the Educational Design and Engagement team set up our three summer interns, Anna Mikhaylenko, Ana McKellar, and Andrew […]

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Aesop’s Fables 1486

Coloured woodcut illustration of forest animals talking to a large frog

Explore the 193 hand coloured woodcut illustrations and details of Aesop’s Fables 1486 Latin edition digitised and available for download […]

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Main Library Construction Images

Almost complete construction of the main library

Did you know that The University of Edinburgh’s Main Library was deliberately designed to look like a bookcase? Opened in […]

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Ada Lovelace Day OERs

Grey background with the face of a white European woman with brunette hair in elegant buns either side of her face and yellow hair decorations of a noble woman.

Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration day of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).  Please enjoy some […]

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Discover St Cecilia’s Hall and Musical Instrument Collection!

Dr Sarah Deters standing next to a piano

Almost 50 new open licensed videos that celebrate the unique, world famous, historical St Cecilia’s Hall and Musical instrument collection. […]

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Foundations for All

Man sitting in front of a Wikimedia banner

A channel of open licensed videos on a range of educational topics supporting the Foundations for All refugee education project […]

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Scientific Analysis of Heritage Collections

Four Egyptian ushbatis, funeral figures

This open licensed video explains the process using XRF Spectrometry to analyse and determine the elemental composition of Egyptian ushabtis […]

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Mahabharata scroll digitisation

section of the Mahabharata scroll

The Mahabharata scroll in the CRC Collections at The University of Edinburgh, dated back to 1795CE, has gone through restoration […]

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