Edinburgh’s OERs

Sow it, Grow it, Taste it – GeoScience

Photograph of fruit and vegetables wedding banquet

A project in growing and tasting vegetables. Encourages young learners to grow plants from seed, fruit and vegetable scraps and develop science skills. SCQF Level 0.

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In Your Own Words – avoid plagiarism

Stick figure at the start of an academic 'running race'

Learn to avoid plagiarism pitfalls in this video co-created by staff and students of the University of Edinburgh. This video […]

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Geoscience Guides

Still lake with swan

An introduction to drawing and interpreting graphs, descriptive and inferential statistics, and ways to collect data for scientific analysis. Specifically targeted at Higher and Advanced Higher Geography, Biology, and Environmental Science.

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Artificial Intelligence Planning

Artistic impression of neural networks

The AI Planning MOOC course materials have been provided in full as an “open-access learning experience which introduces artificial intelligence […]

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Bioinformatics & Raspberry Pi


The 4273π project provides materials for teaching and learning bioinformatics.   The project provides two workshops that are closely linked […]

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Flowave tank demonstrating a flume

This video demonstrates monochromatic and random waves, and single and multiple water spouts generated in the Flowave tank at The University […]

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Acoustics soundproof wall

Prof. Clive Greated has created a set of four videos on acoustics for the MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology […]

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Fluid Mechanics

"Making Waves" underwater image of fish swimming

Prof. Clive Greated has created a fantastic series of Fluid Mechanics videos and made these available on YouTube for anyone […]

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