Edinburgh’s OERs

Learning Ecology Through Art

photo of an art gallery with several paintings of animals and nature that are ornate gold framed

This resource introduces second level students to key ecological concepts using works of art. Using two videos (around fifteen minutes […]

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Gather.Town Walkthroughs


Dr Michael Gallagher, Co-Programme Director: Digital Education / Lecturer in Digital Education, has created two walkthrough videos introducing Gather.Town. A […]

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History through the Senses

In this resource, pupils will learn how sensory stories from our oral history research reveal surprising details about life in […]

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Adaptations of Life in the Solar System

The pupils receive a distress call from an alien planet. Over the course of 3-4 lessons, pupils will learn about […]

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Virtual world simulator platform resources

AI Planning MOOC Tutorial on Vue regions in Second Life

Even before Second Life began to be used across the University in 2007, groups in Business Studies, Education and Artificial […]

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Forces Fiona asks about Gravity

Computer graphics illustration of a person holding and pulling one ball in a colourful newton's cradle

This resource is on forces and includes a ten-minute video and an activities document with four activities that follow up […]

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Spaceman Sam and Comets

A photo of a comet with a green haze surrounding, with stars around

This resource is on comets and includes a twelve-minute video and a PDF with four follow up activities. Including: recommended […]

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Wizarding: Potions, Chemical Reactions, & Spelling Patterns

Illustrations of a chemical reaction inside a beaker, a bubbling cauldron, some magic wands and a padlock

This resource includes five wizard and magic themed activities introducing 5 different concepts (Chemical Reactions, Density, Solids and Liquids, Logic […]

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EEsim: a circuit simulator

Screenshot of the ESSIM plot output

EEsim is an open-source browser-based simulation tool, created Created by Dr Danial Chitnis of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at The […]

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