Edinburgh’s OERs

Inclusive Course and Programme Design

title card

A short 14 minute video about inclusive course and programme design by Professor Velda McCune. McCune is Deputy Director of […]

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Bitesize Practical Project Management

White puzzle with last piece being put in place.

This introductory level project management course aims to de-mystify the world of project management, focusing on the practical skills, tools and techniques to help […]

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How does the central nervous system work?

Greyscale illustration of a brain

Unsure how your central nervous system works? Dr Philip Larkman, Director of Teaching at the Edinburgh Medical School’s Biomedical Teaching […]

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Robert Rowand Anderson’s Architectural Drawings

Line drawing of the Old College, Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections has digitised a collection of architectural drawings from the office of Sir […]

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IASH Seminar: Scorched earth technologies: higher education and utopia

This seminar, titled ‘Scorched earth technologies: higher education and utopia’, was presented as a Work-in-Progress by Professor Siân Bayne, at […]

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OPENspace Research Seminar – Dr Francisca Lima

This is a recording from OPENspace Research Seminar by Dr Francisca Lima, titled “Three Gardens at Sight: Monet, Jekyll and […]

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Landscape Architecture PhD Seminars 2022-23

Brown wooden docks overlooking water to a city

These open seminars were presented as part of the Landscape Architecture PhD Seminars at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and […]

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Copyright Explained in ‘Just a Minute’

illustration of pink purple and white flowers

This open licensed playlist of four videos around 2 minutes or less in length have been created to help you […]

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Archiving Gaps: Reading Zimbabwe and The Internet

Reading Zimbabwe and The Internet

In this open seminar hosted by the University of Edinburgh’s CDCS Digital Social Science Cluster, Dr Tinashe Mushakavanhu (Digital Scholarship […]

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