Edinburgh’s OERs

Open Education and Co-Creation

Two heads facing each other made up of cogs and wheels with coloured cogs floating between

A collection of resources on Open Education and Co-creation developed by the Open.Ed service. Open Education and Co-Creation Webinar created […]

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OER and Open Science

Hand holding a small green plant seedling

A collection of resources on OER and Open Science developed by the Open.Ed service. Crossing the Field Boundaries: Open Science, […]

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Copyright, Open Licensing and OER

multiple stickers with the Creative Commons logo

A collection of resources on Copyright and Open Licensing developed by the Open.Ed service. Will it bite me? Media, Licensing, […]

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Finding and Using OER

Brass telescope

A collection of resources on finding and using OER developed by the Open.Ed service. Finding and Using OER Webinar originally […]

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Open Policy

The word policy being written by a hand with a blue pen

A collection of open policy resources that the Open.Ed service has developed and contributed to.  All resources have been released […]

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Blogging: Build Professional Profiles

Architectural line drawing on large building with columns, arches, and doorways.

This workshop created by Lorna M. Campbell of the Open.Ed service provides an overview of the benefits of professional blogging, […]

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Public speaking with an Interpreter

Video and transcript guide on public speaking with an interpreter created by Rev. Clement Wen, PhD candidate and Tutor at […]

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Independent Research Guide

Pile of books with slips of paper inside the pages.

This guide to independent research is intended to help students and scholars who lack institutional support, or anyone who might […]

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What is IBD in Pets?

Hospital for Small Animals: What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)?

In this CC BY licensed video, Dr. Silke Salavati, who is a senior lecturer and specialist in Small Animal Internal […]

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