Edinburgh’s OERs

Academic Integrity

diverse women students studying together in park

To help CMVM students attain a better understanding of the issues surrounding academic integrity and plagiarism, Dr Medhat Khattar from […]

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Data Citizenship

Walrus sitting on rocks

These videos were created for the Data Education in Schools project by the Moray House School of Education and Sport […]

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Volcanoes and Volcanologists (IDL)

Forest of lava trees resulting from eruption of a 1-km-line of vents east of Pu'u Kahaulea on Hawai'i Island's Kilauea Volcano

Volcanoes and Vulcanologists has been created as a teaching resource for the City of Edinburgh Council’s ‘Curiosity Club’, an Intervention […]

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Structural Geology 3D Models

Folded quartzitic gneis

Florian Fusseis, Senior Lecturer in Structural Geology, and Derek Leung, MScR GeoSciences Candidate, have collaborated with our uCreate Studio Maker […]

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Sustainable Global Food Systems

Fruit marketplace

These videos and podcasts from our Sustainable Global Food Systems MOOC and ‘Food Future Podcast’ are open licensed and downloadable […]

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Rube Goldberg machines

Students working on a rube goldberg machine

This collection of Rube Goldberg machine videos were created by University of Edinburgh ‘Engineering 1’ students during 2020. Engineering 1 […]

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Scientific method & study design skills

Food scientists examining produce

This series of videos were created for the Professional Skills for Global Agri-Food Scientists unit which is a compulsory or […]

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Security, Authentication and Authorisation


A lecture on data security provided across three short videos by Dr Amy Krause, Principal Architect at the Edinburgh Parallel […]

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Software Licensing, Open Source and Sharing Your Code

Strings of code

Short 20minute lecture on Software Licensing, Open Source and Sharing Your Code by Neil Chue Hong from the Edinburgh Parallel […]

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