Edinburgh’s OERs

Christian Parables teaching resource

Section of painting showing a man kneeling with a shovel digging for treasure

Describes some of the parables of the Christian faith as told in the New Testament. Contains six parables as well as an introduction to parables. Aimed at First to Fourth Level.

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Stories from Buddhist Traditions

This early 20th century painted scroll shows the chapter about Jujuka. On the bottom row we see him bring the children to the city, where they are ransomed by the king. Then Jujuka begins his overeating, leading to his death, shown on the top row.

Describes some of the stories of various Buddhist traditions. Contains nine stories as well as an introduction to Jatakas. Aimed at First to Fourth level.

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Geoscience Guides

Still lake with swan

An introduction to drawing and interpreting graphs, descriptive and inferential statistics, and ways to collect data for scientific analysis. Specifically targeted at Higher and Advanced Higher Geography, Biology, and Environmental Science.

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Artificial Intelligence Planning

Artistic impression of neural networks

The AI Planning MOOC course materials have been provided in full as an “open-access learning experience which introduces artificial intelligence […]

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Digitised Shakespeare

Front page of the 1599 Romeo and Juliet

The library’s rich holdings of early English drama include the majority of editions of William Shakespeare published before 1660, mainly […]

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Bioinformatics & Raspberry Pi


The 4273π project provides materials for teaching and learning bioinformatics.   The project provides two workshops that are closely linked […]

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Shakespeare in China

Lin Zhaohua speaking to the room

The seminar ‘Shakespeare in China – A conversation with Lin Zhaohua’ has been shared as a series of videos on […]

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Centre for the History of the Book

old mediaeval book

The Centre for the History of the Book has produced a series of videos designed to introduce key skills for […]

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Open Books

OpenBooks text overlaid a bookshelf

This collection of Open Books is compiled from readers’ orders for scans, principally in black and white and some in […]

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