EFI Student Exhibition – Covid

back street with bins and the floating word better

The Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) first undergraduate course Currents: Understanding and addressing global challenges launched in September 2020. This online open licensed exhibition showcases some of the assets created by students as part of their assessment for the course.

The multi-disciplinary elective gave students the opportunity to explore a current challenge facing the world from the perspective of different disciplines.

The focus for the first offering in autumn term was the Covid-19 pandemic. It used the crisis as an opportunity for students to learn how to make sense of relevant datasets and gain the critical awareness, knowledge and skills to better understand the complexities and global impact of this defining challenge.

While the online exhibition is open licensed, the student’s assets are not. Please enjoy the exhibition, the platform is also a pilot, in that EFI is committed to encouraging students to produce creative work and in the process of exploring dedicated platforms to best showcase this work. We hope for now this site provides an easy mechanism via which to engage with these thought-provoking offerings.

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Header Image: “bins and cobbles” by Ross Cowan historian licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0