Electromagnetics … a “Toy Box”

Electromagnetic spectrum

This is a set of simple e-learning tools to support the teaching of electromagnetics in Electronics and Electrical Engineering 1 at The University of Edinburgh. These tools are not exhaustive and are still under development by Alan Murray in the School of Engineering.

Please note – these simulations work on a Windows machine. 

All of the tools are modifiable. The spreadsheets are “protected” so that the casual user can only change selected numbers, but you can unprotect your copy and then make your own changes.

The tools are based around easily-available programmes such as Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint to maximise their usefulness on computers without exotic software.

Be aware, however, that Excel is not really a suitable tool for this. However – they are ubiquitous and it is surprising what can be done by way of simple illustration to allow a student to “play with” a circuit or a mathematical/engineering concept.

Notes: The slider controls etc. can behave in a silly manner if you change resolution without rebooting your machine (e.g. by docking/undocking it or by using a data projector).  This is a well-known bug and is cured by rebooting the computer plugged into whatever you do or do not want it plugged into.

If you create anything you’re especially proud of (or alternatively find similar useful “toys” elsewhere), please email Alan Murray with your changes, comments, or suggestions for eventual improvement.

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Direct links to toys in the box:

Dielectrics and Phase Shifts

Finite Difference Methods – Example 1

Finite Difference Methods – Example 2

Finite Difference Methods – Example 3

Finite Difference Methods – Example 4

Impedance mismatch on a Transmission Line

Plane Waves and Propagation Constant – visualisation tool

Plane waves in continuous media

Reflection Coefficient on a Transmission Line

Single Stub matching network – Excel simulation

The Effects of Dispersion on a Digital Waveform

The Effects of Dispersion on a Pulsed Waveform

To Transmission line or not to Transmission line?

Travelling Waves on Transmission lines – with losses

Travelling Waves on Transmission lines

Image: Electromagnetic Spectrum, Public Domain