Ethnography podcast & short films

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The Advanced Ethnography Berlin field class is a research elective in Geography Degree Programme at the University of Edinburgh that provides final year honours students with an opportunity to develop advanced skills in designing, planning and doing ethnographic research. The primary aim of the field class is to successfully design and execute a group research project that documents some element of city life. In 2017 students produced podcasts and a series of short films to document their projects.




The U-Bahn

Short Films

Instagram and Cafe Culture

By Daisy Cocks, Raphaela Major, Connor Ovenstone

Escaping the Concrete Jungle

By Lizzy Batchelor, Brooke Lovegrove-Fielden, Eliza Bosnall

Language in the Market

By Melanie Barrin, Jack Friend, Florrie Slater

Food and the Refugee experience

By Ella Barron, Louisa Woolf, Laura Disney

The East Side Gallery: rhythms and interactions

By Alice Smith, Issy Powell, Georgia Jeffrey

The topography of terror as a space

By Jessica Friell, Megan Gilmour, Daisy Waggett


Header Image is a screenshot from ‘Instagram and Cafe Culture’