Excelling in Excel

Excell screenshot from video

A short series of three video tutorials aimed at up-skilling distance learning students on how to make the best use of Excel.


Excelling in Excel: Data Organisation

This video covers Broman & Woo’s principles of organising data in spreadsheets.


  1. Tidy data principles
  2. Overview of Broman & Woo’s principles
  3. Consistency, naming and date formats
  4. Naming examples
  5. Data entry, missing data, and formula
  6. Data validation, machine readable and backups
  7. Test yourself, what problems do you see with this data?
  8. Tidy data along with me

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Excelling in Excel: Tips and Tricks

This video covers some of Excel’s capabilities including formulas and pivot tables.


  1. What are excel’s capabilities?
  2. Types of data
  3. Types of cell content
  4. Watch me work with formulas
  5. What are pivot tables
  6. Watch me work with pivot tables

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Excelling in Excel: Data Visualisation

This video covers how to create charts in Excel.


  1. Difference between figures, charts and infographics
  2. What makes a good chart?
  3. Aspects of good chart
  4. Aspects of bad charts
  5. When should I use bar charts?
  6. When should I use scatter plots?
  7. Examples of very bad charts
  8. Make a chart in excel with me
  9. Make a bar chart in excel – more complicated charts
  10. Colour in charts
  11. Chart doctor links: How to navigate data’s pink and blue problem

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