Gif It Up – Create your own Gifs

This workshop was created to provide an introduction to creating GIFs from openly licensed and public domain, museum, library, and archival materials. Using free and open online tools.

This workshop includes a series of guides to take anyone through the steps to create GIFs using images, videos, and materials from University of Edinburgh museum, library, and archival materials (or anywhere else that provides openly licensed content).

It engages with a variety of public domain and openly licensed materials on the web that are available for creative re-use, and encourages discussion of the ethical responsibilities we as creators have towards those materials.

Resources include a SlideShare of the workshop presentation:


And the Workshop Guides:

As part of participation in open sharing and collaboration – gifs created in our workshops are openly licensed and re-shared for further creativity and re-use by others.

Have a look at some of the fantastic gifs produced in previous Gif It Up workshops:

See and play with some of the excellent gifs created by Europeana’s Gif it Up competition on here: 




Header image – Cranes from BL Royal 12 C XIX, f. 40, from the British Library via Europeana, Public Domain Marked