Grade-related Marking Criteria for Assessed Blogs

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The development of these grade-related marking criteria has been led by Dr Nina Morris (School of GeoSciences) and Dr Hazel Christie (Institute for Academic Development). They are an outcome of a University of Edinburgh Principal’s Teaching Award funded project ‘Every student a researcher: supporting the use of blogging as a form of student assessment’. They provide a marking template for academic staff who wish to incorporate assessed blogs into their undergraduate or postgraduate curriculum and are designed to be adapted to suit individual course needs; not all comments will be relevant to every blog assessment – please delete elements as appropriate.


The assessment criteria for each grade include paragraphs relating to:

CONTENT: knowledge (i.e. range, command of material, awareness of scholarship), application of theory (i.e. use and relevance of examples, connection of course themes to wider world), argument/analysis (i.e. focus, clarity of structure, analytical skills, evaluation and evidence), self-reflection (i.e. progress of project, contribution to group, group performance).

PRESENTATION: language and expression (i.e. clarity and accuracy, grammar and syntax, spelling, fluency of writing), genre-specific features (i.e. content indicators, use of images and/or audio-visual material, use of hyperlinks), scholarly apparatus (i.e. accuracy and consistency of referencing, accuracy and consistency of bibliography, due consideration of data protection with regards to images and audio-visual material, image copyright), and accessibility (i.e. overall appearance, media, writing).

PRACTICE: self-reflection and critical reflection on group efficacy.

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