Guidance on studying at university

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Dr Sarah Ivory is a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh Business School who has created a video channel covering topics that will help students studying at university. The four current videos include how to focus on pre-recorded lecture, the purpose of university, failure as learning and more.

The lectures are freely available under a Creative Commons license on the University’s media platform Media Hopper Create where they can be viewed, downloaded, or embedded into other webpages. The lectures also includes downloadable caption transcripts.

Prioritising Influence (CC BY-NC-SA)

Exploring the way in which we can prioritise what we control and can influence to impact what concerns us.

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How to focus on pre-recorded lectures (CC BY-NC-SA)

In this short session, Dr Sarah Ivory talk about how to stay focused in pre-recorded lectures, and at other times like reading articles or books. She explores why focus is so important, and provides advice on how to focus. In the current context, with so many students learning remotely and alone, this is an incredibly useful investment of time for all students trying to make the most of this learning environment.

Click here to view ‘How to focus on pre-recorded lectures’ directly Media Hopper Create and the downloadable resources

Failure as Learning (CC BY-NC-ND)

Take 30 mins to rethink you approach to failure, your avenue to successful learning, and your assumptions about people who are ‘successful’. For university students who want to learn, improve, and succeed.

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Purpose of University OR ‘What are you doing here???’ (CC BY-NC-SA)

Why are you even AT university?? Dr Sarah Ivory talks about reasons for going to university, and helps you interrogate your own. In this time of upheaval, especially in relation to university studies, this short session will help you to clarify why you are at university and what you can get out of it.

Click here to view ‘Purpose of University’ directly Media Hopper Create and the downloadable resources


Dr Ivory will continue adding to this channel. Many of the topics covered are referred to in her book Becoming a Critical Thinker: for your university studies and beyond, published in January 2021 with Oxford University Press.


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