Hortus Sanitatis: Latin natural history encyclopaedia

Woodcut illustrations of what appear to be deer and a faun

This is a digitisation of a 1497 publication of the Hortus Sanitatis, a Latin natural history encyclopaedia in the Centre for Research Collections at The University of Edinburgh. This digitisation is available on a CC BY 3.0 licence.

Contents include:

  1. De herbis [et] plantis / Herbs and Plants
  2. De Animalibus [et] reptilibus / Land animals and reptiles
  3. De Auibus [et] volatilibus / Birds and airworthy animals
  4. De Piscibus [et] natatilibus / aquatic animals
  5. De Lapidibus [et] in terre venis nasce[n]tibus / Semi-precious stones, ore and minerals
  6. De Urinis [et] earum speciebus / Uroscopy
  7. Tabula medicinalis Cum directorio generali per omnes tractatusv / Several detailed registers

Notes on this particular edition:

  • Many of the illustrations are named in English in a late 15th or early 16th century hand (StEdU : CRC Inc.F.9)
  • “Bibliotheca Edinburgena dedit Alexr Hay de Lethom 1699” in manuscript on title page (StEdU : CRC Inc.F.9)
  • The illustrations in De herbis are hand coloured (StEdU : CRC Inc.F.9)
  • Four leaves tipped in at end. All have early 16th century hand drawn and coloured illustrations on recto (StEdU : CRC Inc.F.9)

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Header Image: Woodcut illustration from Hortus sanitatis, Fol.233 verso, The University of Edinburgh Library, CC BY 3.0