Adding a Creative Commons Licence to your resource

It’s very easy to apply a Creative Commons licence to your work.  The simplest way is to write the licence as a string of text, e.g.

© J. Smith, University of Edinburgh, 2020, CC BY-SA.

If you use the Creative Commons Licence Chooser it will allow you to copy an HTML embed code which will enable you to add your licence to any web page. This code includes machine readable metadata that allows software and applications to understand which licence you’ve applied to your work.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If your resource contains third party content that has also been released under open licence you may want to add an additional clause to your licence statement.  Remember to always attribute any third party content that you use!

© J. Smith, University of Edinburgh, 2020, CC BY-SA, unless otherwise indicated.

Where possible, we recommend that your embed attribution and licence information in your resources, e.g. in a slide at the end of a video, rather than adding it to the page your resource is embedded in.  This will help to ensure the licence information doesn’t get lost when the resource is reused.

The OER Service provides advice and guidance on adding licence information in a range of commonly used resource sharing platforms and applications.

Adding a CC licence on Media Hopper Create

Media Hopper Create is the University of Edinburgh’s media asset management platform, where staff and students can create, upload, and share media both internally and on the open web.

Media Hopper Create allows you to add Creative Commons licences to your media to enable them to be downloaded and re-used. These videos explains the different licensing options available on Media Hopper Create and how to apply a licence to your media.




Adding CC licences on web publishing and media sharing platforms

The links below provide guidance on how to apply a CC licence on some of the most common video, image, blog, and slide sharing platforms.