Applying a CC licence on Flickr

On this page we describe how to apply any of the licence options provided by Flickr for content uploaded to its service.

Alternately this content can be viewed as a PDF file: How to apply a CC licence on Flickr.pdf (683kb)


Creative Commons Licences on Flickr


Flickr offers the full set of Creative Commons licences for users to select and apply to images uploaded to the site.

You can explore Flickr by the Creative Commons licence applied to images on


Option A ) Uploading a new image to Flickr that you would like to licence as an OER

If you already have an image uploaded to Flickr you can go in and change or update the licence on it at any point. To to this:

  • Go to and make sure you are logged in.
  • Find the image you want to update. You can navigate to your images by clicking on ‘You’ at the top of the Flickr page and selecting to view your Photostream, Albums, etc.

Screenshot showing the Flickr homepage when logged in. The 'You' tab has been highlighted and dropdown options are displayed: Camera Roll (Beta); Photostream; Albums;Favourites; etc...

  • Double click on the specific image you want to update. This will take you to the large view of the image and its details.
  • To the bottom right of the image will be the date the image was uploaded and the current licence details. Click on the blue arrow pointing down. This will display the CC licence options.

Screenshot of the bottom right corner underneath the individual image display on Flickr. The blue arrow next to the current Creative Commons licence has been clicked and all of the licence options are displayed in a drop down menu.


  • Select the licence you want to apply to this image. We suggest the ‘Attribution’ licence. But select whichever licence will best work for your image.

That’s it, you’re all done. The licence for this images will now have been updated.


Option B) Applying a licence when uploading an image to Flickr

When uploading images to Flickr you can quickly assign a Creative Commons licence of your choice to each of your images.

To upload an image:

  • Make sure you are logged in to Flickr.
  • Click on the Cloud image with the arrow pointing up. This is the Upload button.


Screenshot shows the top menu on the Flickr Homepage. On the far right of the menu is a cloud image with an arrow inside pointing up. Hover text identifies this as the Upload button. A blue arrow is pointing to the Upload button.

  • Drag and drop or click on the ‘Choose photos and videos’ button to browse your files and select an image to upload.
  • The image will upload and be displayed in an ‘Editing’ screen.
  • To the left of this screen are a number of options to add information about your image. at the very bottom of these are the ‘Owner settings’.


Screenshot shows a thumbnail of the image uploaded to Flickr, and on the left of this the optional information settings that can be added to the image. At the very bottom are the Owner Settings with the Creative Commons licence.


  • Under the Owner settings next to the Creative Commons symbol (likely set to ‘None – All rights reserve’) click on the blue ‘edit’ button. The full list of Creative Commons licence options will appear.

Screenshot of the Owner settings section after the 'edit' button has been clicked. All of the Creative Commons licence options are displayed and can be clicked on to select and apply to the image.


  • Select the Creative Commons licence you would like to apply to your image. We recommend the ‘Attribution Creative Commons’ licence, but choose whichever licence will work best for your image.
  • Click the blue ‘done’ text.
  • Click on the blue ‘Upload 1 photo’ button at the top far right of the page.
  • You have now uploaded your image and applied a Creative Commons licence.