Applying a CC licence on WordPress

On this page we describe how to apply a licence to your WordPress blog with two options, a) editing PHP files, and b) using a text widget.

Alternately this content can be viewed as a PDF file: How to apply a CC licence on WordPress.pdf (561kb)

Applying a licence to WordPress

Adding a licence using PHP files (advanced)

Edit the theme’s fotter.php or sidebar.php file. Get your licence button html from and paste it into your footer.php (or sidebar.php or wherever you want it to appear).


Adding a licence using a WordPress Text Widget (easier)

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, you can display your chosen CC licence using a Text Widget. The Text Widget allows you to add text and HTML to your sidebar.

If you are confident using WordPress you can do this yourself using the following guidance or ask someone to help you.

Here’s an example of what a text widget displaying some simple text:

text widget example

The font and appearance of text widgets varies by theme, so yours will look different.

Add a text widget to your sidebar or footer from your WordPress Dashboard by going to Appearance →  Widgets.


Screenshot shows the 'Appearance' menu option on the far left of the dashboard has been clicked, and the sub-menu option 'Widgets' has been selected and highlighted.

Decide on which sidebar or footer you want the widget to appear, then drag the Text widget box over to active it.

Widget customiser dashboard

Paste the code provided by the CC license chooser in the widget’s text box, and click “Save”.

CC code in the Text Widget


On each page of your site that is using this Sidebar of Footer the widget will now display the CC licence.

CC Widget display in sidebar


More information on how to use widgets can be found on the WordPress widget support page.