How to apply a CC licence on a publishing platform (YouTube/Flickr/WordPress)

A number of familiar platforms have already enabled ways for you add and display Creative Commons (CC) licences to your work.

When you apply a CC licence using the platform widgets, or by selecting a licence from the Creative Commons License Chooser, HTML is applied (or provided to place in your page). That HTML contains metadata which allows software to understand that you’ve applied a license to your work.  If this is properly attached, search engines like Google and Yahoo! will index your work as CC licensed.

Click through to the below pages for guidance on how to apply a CC licence on some of the more recognised video, image, blog, and presentation platforms.

The University of Edinburgh has its own media platform, Media Hopper. Staff and students can create, upload, and share media here both internally or open to the public. Media Hopper includes the option to apply any of the Creative Commons licences, and to allow downloading of the media for re-use.


Visit the Creative Commons Wiki for publishing information on more platforms.