Identifying British Trees

Image looking up at the leaves of a tree from the base of the trunk.

How do you tell an Ash from an Alder? There’s no punchline here – but a tree-based OER instead!

Erica Zaja created this pack of tree identification lesson materials, originally for Mauricewood Primary School, as part of the GeoScience Outreach course at the University.

This set of lesson plans and materials is based around identifying and cataloguing British tree leaves, suggested as a second level science resource. The lessons are based around the storyline of a developer who intends replace a forest with a new shopping centre. The children are tasked with researching whether this is a good idea by learning about local woodlands and the importance of trees.

Through this resource children can develop their knowledge of and appreciation for the natural environment around them. The children can then apply this knowledge in a series of activities linking in with the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences, Outcomes and Benchmarks.

Relevant Experiences and Outcomes: SCN 2-01a, HWB 2-25a, LIT 2-02a, LIT 2-23a, LIT 2-29a, MNU 2-03a

Take a look at this resource with your class/child if you’d like to find out how Robin Hood might have dyed his clothes, create your own ‘herbarium’ of leaf specimens, or create a ‘tree treasure hunt’ in your local area!

Download Erica’s Resource via tes by clicking this link.



Header Image:Tree by benjgibbs on flickr, CC-BY 2.0,