Information Services Group Antiracist Reading List

Black Lives Matter painted in colourful street art on a wall

This Antiracist Reading List was created by Victoria Madden, Digital Safety Support Officer, and Lilinaz Rouhani, Data and Equality Officer, with input from colleagues in Information Services Group at the University of Edinburgh.

The reading list includes readings and resources on the following topics:

  • Essential Reading
  • Inequalities in Tech
  • Feminism and Intersectionality
  • History and Racism (UK)
  • History and Racism (US)
  • Autobiography and Memoir
  • Fiction by BIPoC Authors

The reading list is not complete, and is being updated continually.  Staff and students at the University of Edinburgh are encouraged to add their own contributions.  If you are outwith the University and would like to contribute, please send your suggestions to

You can access the “live” reading list through the University’s Resource Lists service (no login required) or download it as a static PDF.

© The University of Edinburgh, CC BY SA NC.

Header image: By bmartinseattle on Pixabay.