Innovating with Open Knowledge

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Innovating with Open Knowledge is a series of resources and case studies created by the University of Edinburgh that will help you develop the knowledge and skills to find and access free content, data and research produced by the university sector.

Through a series of case studies, featuring creative and innovative individuals and entrepreneurs, you’ll learn where and how to find open knowledge resources and how you can use these resources to develop your business interests and personal projects, whether you’re developing innovative scientific projects, technology services and digital applications, engaging in historical research or creative enterprises. You’ll also learn about the wide range of open research and content that universities create including open access research papers, open data sets, open source software, open content and collections, open science, open architecture and maker spaces.

Innovating with Open Knowledge includes:

  • video case studies
  • interviews
  • how-to guide
  • text transcripts
  • learning activities and short exercises

All resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence and can be downloaded and reused free of charge.

Below is one of the videos created by Morna Simpson with technology consultant Scott Wilson as he talks about Open Source Software and explains how you can find, use and contribute to the development of Open Source Software.


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Image: Innovating with Open Knowledge – Citizen Science, by Interactive Content (Flickr), CC BY 4.0