Introduction to Classical Japanese Orthography

This SlideShare presentation was created  as a basic introduction to Classical Japanese Orthography for students of Japanese with an interest in the classical language.

The resource was designed for students who have taken Japanese Language Beginner or above, or those wishing to have a general understanding of what Classical Japanese is, when it was used, and in simple terms, how it differs from Modern Japanese in terms of its orthography.

Advanced knowledge of Japanese is not required to use this resource, though it helps to have a basic understanding of Japanese grammar and particularly, orthography.

This resource serves as a basic introduction to the orthography of Classical Japanese and does not cover grammar or lexicon.

This resource will cover some of the historical uses of Kana and Kanji in Classical Japanese, but covering all resources is beyond the scope of this resource.

This SlideShare presentation was made as an OER by Adam Clark as part of the Digital Education module for the Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) in Academic Practice at The University of Edinburgh.


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Header Image: Screenshot from presentation slides.