Learn Averages with Pokemon Posters

A set of Pokemon icons on an orange bar graph from lowest to highest hit points.

Three posters aimed at Primary School learners that lay out different techniques for finding averages, using the example of Pokemon Hit Points. The posters cover mean, mode, and median methods. Each poster includes graphs to visually show averages and provides information about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The resource is provided within a .zip file package. Also included are versions of the posters that are editable in PowerPoint. For these to display correctly users will need to download the following free font https://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Pokemon__Normal.font

Keywords: Mean, Mode, Median, Average, Graphs, Pokemon


Created as part of the School of Geosciences’ Outreach Programme, which allows students in their final year to work in partnership with a local school to develop a set of lesson plans.


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Image: Graph from the resource created with free re-usable Pokemon icons from IconNinja.com.