March OER of the Month – Innovating with Open Knowledge

Innovating with Open Knowledge is a brilliant series of resources and case studies created by the University of Edinburgh on how to find and access free content, data and research produced by the university sector.

Featuring creative and innovative individuals and entrepreneurs, you’ll learn where and how to find open knowledge resources. From creative writing, heritage research, solving climate change, to physical tools and maker-spaces.

Develop innovative scientific projects, technology services and digital applications, engaging in historical research, or creative enterprises!

It covers the wide range of open research and content that universities create including open access research papers, open data sets, open source software, open content and collections, open science, open architecture and maker spaces.

Innovating with Open Knowledge resource package includes:

  • video case studies
  • interviews
  • how-to guide
  • text transcripts
  • learning activities and short exercises

All resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence and can be downloaded and reused freely.

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Below is one of the video resources, an interview with Joseph Marshall Head of Special Collections and Centre for Research Collections.

This is an introduction to the vast number of resources held by Special Collections, and the Centre for Research Collections at the University of Edinburgh. Although some have been digitised there are many more that are held at University premises, and which the public can access by arrangement. Careful attention must be paid to licenses, but many are openly licensed and can be used freely.

Image: Innovating with Open Knowledge – Citizenship, by Interactive Content (Flickr), CC BY 4.0