May OER of the Month – Digital Futures

This OER of the month is actually a whole smorgasbord of OER with a wealth of content coming out of the Digital Futures for Learning course, led by Dr Jen Ross and Professor Sian Bayne, and part of the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh.

To start with, parts of the course content are being made available in an open access format, and text on the course webpages has been openly licensed so that other students and staff at the University, and beyond, can engage with the discussions and materials developed throughout the course.

Click here for more on the Digital Futures course content

Additionally as part of its assessment, students on the course were asked to create their own Open Educational Resource on Digital Futures and learning. These resources have been openly licensed and freely shared for anyone to work through, re-mix, or re-use at will.



Header image – Old Tech, Alejandro Polanco(Flickr)CC BY-NC