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Fungi found on a fallen brach

Nothing Goes to Waste in Nature: Lesson Plans on Organic Matter Cycling, is a teaching resource designed, developed and produced by​ Jacob Assmann​ as part of the GeoScience Outreach course at the University of Edinburgh.

The Earth system is full of cycles – a strong contrast to the often linear product pathways in our society. The organic matter cycle is one of them, it is easy to grasp with lots of potential for hands-on ecological science and outdoor learning!

Originally developed for primary school children with complex behavioural and emotional needs (aged 9-11 years), this series contains three lesson plans full of hands-on learning activities. The lessons are easy to carry out, built on individual and group based learning activities and have an emphasis on the outdoors.

Suitable for teaching pupils at Scottish CfE First and Second Levels.

The resource is provided on a CC BY licence and has been uploaded to TES Connect which hosts a range of lesson materials for early years, primary, secondary, and special needs teaching.

Keywords: biology, ecology, organic matter cycling, EdUniOERGeo

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Image: Auricularia auricula-judae, by Josh Milburn on Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0