OER and Open Science

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A collection of resources on OER and Open Science developed by the Open.Ed service.

Crossing the Field Boundaries: Open Science, Open Data & Open Education

A presentation for the 2017 International Open Science Conference on the interface between OER, open data and open science and our experience at the University of Edinburgh of promoting open education through the School of GeoSciences Outreach and Engagement course.

OER for Science and Engineering

Open.Ed and Open Science

Poster on Open.Ed’s support for open science created for the 2018 University of Edinburgh Dealing with Data Conference.

CC BY, Lorna M. Campbell & Charlie Farley, University of Edinburgh

School of Geosciences Outreach & Engagement Course

Ope Educational Practises in Scotland Symposium poster by Open Content Curation Intern Tomas Sanders.

UoE Open.Ed OEPS poster, CC BY, University of Edinburgh unless otherwise indicated


Header Image: Seedling, by VanVangelis, Pixabay, CC0