OER as an Exemplar of Excellence

Over the last year the University has undertaken a project to review processes and incentives for the recognition, reward and support for teaching in academic careers. After extensive consultation, the University released a set of revised Principles articulating how excellence in teaching is valued within our academic career paths. Last week the University shared a revised set of Exemplars of Excellence in Student Education (EASE login required) to accompany these Principles. The Exemplars highlight the level and extent of achievement in teaching-related activities that might be used by staff seeking promotion at different grade levels.

As an example of “Dissemination of excellence in student education” the Exemplars include the creation and maintenance of online materials for student education that are used beyond the University “including Open Educational Resources.”

It’s hugely encouraging to see the University acknowledging the importance of Open Educational Resources not only for excellence in student education but also for academic career progression.

The OER Service runs a wide range of Digital Skills workshops and events for colleagues who are keen to learn more about creating and using Open Educational Resources as part of their teaching and academic practice. For further information on the support we provide, please visit our Digital Skills page or contact the OER Service directly at open.ed@ed.ac.uk.