January OER of the Month –  Approaching Religion Through Story

Detail of miniature from scroll relating the Mahabharata. Shows Krishna, armed with a bow and arrow, riding a chariot, aiming at another chariot which is following it.

As part of highlighting the great resources being created by our staff and student’s we’re starting a new series of ‘OER of the Month’ blog posts.

I wanted to start with Approaching Religion Through Story, a series of delightful stories from Buddhist traditions, Hindu traditions, and Christian Parables. I’m personally fond of this set of OER, not least because the tale of the Monkey King was a childhood favourite of mine, and I was incredibly pleased to see the addition of Hindu stories since my last visit to the website, and that stories from Islamic traditions are also in development!

Created by Dr Naomi Appleton and Dr Alison Jack from the School of Divinity, the stories have been gathered together with detailed teacher notes and aligned with structured discussion points, suggestions for reflection, and further reading sources.

A lot of attention has been paid to ensuring that the resources are easy to use and tailored to schooling needs. Each resource has been specifically structured to meet Education Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence standard for Religious Moral Education (RME). This means that each resource has been divided according to the three structuring principles of the experiences and outcomes set for RME in Scotland:

Beliefs, Values and Issues, and Practices and Traditions.

Keywords have also been provided to indicate the particular relevance of the story.

Each set of resources resource contains six stories in PDF format, sorted by the principles stated above, and at least one story from each set is accompanied with PowerPoint Presentations for illustrative purposes.

Click through and have a read. The stories really are fantastic!


Stories from Buddhist traditions

Stories from Buddhist Traditions

Stories from Hindu Traditions

Stories from Hindu Traditions

Christian Parables teaching resource

Christian Parables teaching resource


Resources provided as part of the project ‘Approaching Religion Through Story’ are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence.

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