Open Education and Co-Creation

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A collection of resources on Open Education and Co-creation developed by the Open.Ed service.

Open Education and Co-Creation

Webinar created for the University of Edinburgh’s Introduction to Online Distance Learning course.

Student & Community OER Co-Creation

OER18 Conference presentation by Charlie Farley that explored an innovative 4th year undergraduate Geoscience Outreach course at the University of Edinburgh, which provided students with the opportunity to develop their own science communication and engagement projects in partnership with a local education, public, or research body.

The Soul of Liberty: Openness, Equality and Co-Creation

Lorna M. Campbell’s keynote at the 2018 CELT Design for Learning Symposium. What do we mean when we talk about openness in relation to digital teaching and learning spaces, resources, communities and practices?  How open and equitable are our open online education spaces and who are they open to? This talk focused on open education, OER, open practice, MOOCs, and Wikimedia, exploring the different and sometimes contradictory definitions and understandings of openness in these contexts.  It also highlights structural inequalities that prevent some groups and individuals from participating in open education and, using innovative examples from the University of Edinburgh, explores how we can engage with students to co-create more equitable, inclusive and participatory open education spaces, communities and resources.

OER and Open Knowledge at the University of Edinburgh


Header Image: Knowledge Sharing, by Ansonlobo, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY