Open Education Practice

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A collection of resources on Open Education Practice developed by the Open.Ed service.

The Long View: Changing Perspectives on OER

OER18 Conference keynote by Lorna M. Campbell.  In this talk Lorna explores how the OER Conference has examined and renegotiate what “OER” means over the years, and how this has reflected her own journey as an open education practitioner. She also looks at what we can do to ensure that open education is diverse, inclusive and participatory, and using innovative examples from the University of Edinburgh, she explores how we can engage students in open education practice and the co-creation of OER.

The Long View: Changing Perspectives on OER, video (Media Hopper Create), CC BY

The Long View: Changing Perspectives on OER, video (YouTube), CC BY

The Long View: Changing Perspectives on OER, transcript, CC BY

The Long View: Changing Perspectives on OER, slides, CC BY

Open for all? Engaging with open education practice at the personal and institutional level

A workshop by Lorna M. Campbell, delivered as part of City University, London’s online course on Digital Literacies and Open Practice.

Introducing Openness in Education

A webinar for the Open Med Project by Lorna M. Campbell.  This webinar provides a broad introduction to open education, covering definitions of openness, open licensing, open educational resources and open education practice, while at the same time highlighting the benefits and affordances of open education and exploring how to engage students and learners in the co-creation of OER.

How To Be More Open: Advice for Educators and Researchers

EDEN webinar for Open Education Week 2017, with Lisa Marie Blaschke, Fabio Nascimbeni, Catherine Cronin, Chrissi Nerantzi and Lorna M. Campbell.

How To Be More Open, workshop recording, Adobe Connect


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