Open Unwrapped Dec 22nd: Wikidata and Saint Nick

University of Edinburgh festive bauble gift by Pingked (Flickr) CC BY-NC

Navino Evans, co-founder of Histropedia (, co-presented a Wikidata Showcase at Repository Fringe at the University of Edinburgh on 2nd August 2016. Here he demonstrates how to construct Wikidata Sparql Queries simply & easily focussing on the example of notable females educated at the University of Edinburgh. The Queries are filtered by place of birth, and the tutorial showcases how this data can be visualised with images, timelines, in map form, and in the new Wikidata Sparql Query Timeline Viewer using Histropedia.

This Wikidata Sparql Query Tutorial by Navino Evans has now been viewed a thousand times and is available to view on the university’s Media Hopper channel on a CC-BY 4.0 licence.


Bonus Histropedia Timeline

Can you spot Saint Nick in the below Histropedia timeline of saints (colour coded by place of birth)?

Screenshot of the Histropedia Saints timeline

Screengrab of Histropedia Wikidata Query Viewer (CC-BY-SA).



Ewan McAndrew

Wikimedian in Residence

University of Edinburgh