Open Unwrapped Dec 4th – Apocalypse Later

University of Edinburgh festive bauble gift by Pingked (Flickr) CC BY-NC

Apocalypse Later is a card game created by students during a hands-on board game jam workshop in 2016. During the session students learned prototyping, play-testing, and how to add variety and fun by employing different game mechanics.

In this game players need to cooperate and work together to overcome challenges ranging from volcano eruptions through to a zombie apocalypse, drawing and playing cards to gain advantages and advance in the game. One character is secretly a ‘mole’, whose sole purpose is to prevent the team from winning the game!



Created by: Luise Kocaurek, Nikolay Slavov, Rishikesh Sinha, Siqi Li.

Licence: Except where otherwise stated, this work is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Number of players: 3 – 4
Age range: 12+
Duration: 20 minutes

Read game instructions on the Apocalypse Later google document and use these to create and play your own version of the game!


Apocalypse Later features images from the CRC image collection:

Downloadable version of this video available on Media Hopper – Apocalypse Now

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Stephanie (Charlie) Farley

Open Educational Resources Advisor, EDE